Etta's 2 Pc. Cosmetic Set

Etta's 2 Pc. Cosmetic Set A package in a 112g Box or a 170g Jar of Skin White Mask Powder and Cosmetic Grade Solution (8 Fl. Oz).
ETTA'S LIQUID GEL MIXING SOLUTION is a US made Cosmetic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and only available in this online store. It is an activator and mixes it with Etta's Skin White Mask Powder. It is pH Buffed for super stability. This liquid solution is accurate, safe, NO ammonia nor astringent and it is easy to use. Use to develop stronger and longer lasting desired result. For proper mixing procedure, follow the direction of the Etta's Skin White Mask product.

If you want to apply Be Be Special Cream, apply it a day after use of Etta's Whitening Mask products.


Click image to see the alternative Etta's powder in a Current Alternative170g convenient jar with a scoop inside.


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  • Net Wt.: 112g (Box) or 170g (Jar) + 8 Fl. Oz (240ml)
Whitening - Marlon Velonza
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